100 Geocaching Finds!

This weekend on Saturday I found my 100th geocache!  I have been trying to cross this goal off my list since the beginning of 2008.  I really tried to get it done over Christmas break but  the weather would not cooperate!  This is my first winter as a geocacher and I was worried that I would have to set this new hobby aside until the weather warmed back up again.  But I’m happy to report that winter caching is fantastic!!  I love seeing the landscape covered in a fresh blanket of snow and walking in between the fat and fluffy flakes as they fall to the ground silently.  Truly this is a peaceful experience!

Now, finding a cache in the snow does present a different set of problems.   Finding possible cache locations does require looking at the landscape differently when everything is the exact same color of white.  We have also run into more than one or two caches that have been frozen to their hiding place.  But then again geocaching is often about problem solving.  So if we turn the problem over a few different ways we can usually solve it.

Plus and here’s the biggest bonus:  NO MOSQUITOS!!  I’m more than happy to add another layer of clothing if it means that there aren’t any little blood suckers around!

Now my next goal is 200 caches by the end of the summer!

Brenda Muench

music educator tech specialist

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3 Responses

  1. Congratulations on this momentous milestone!

  2. tonka_boy says:

    Congratulations on your first 100 finds! Isn’t geocaching addictive? My wife and I have been geocaching for about 8 months now and we love it. I see that you are an educator. We blog at The Northwoods Geocats and have several neat ideas to include geocaching in education. Just follow the link and enter education in the search box at the top.

    Say hello while you are there. We always like to meet new geocaching friends.

  3. Hick@Heart says:

    Congrats on your 100th find. I too just hit 100 finds. Looks like we are neck and neck! I’ll race you to 200! I’ll add you to my reader. Drop by my geocaching site and we can chase each other to 200.

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