12 Brain Rules Chapter 2: Survival

I didn’t find this chapter to be really earth shattering.  So here we go my three take aways:

1.   We have three brains.  That’s an interesting way of thinking about what our brain does for us.  I know I learned all this stuff in high school but it’s nice to be reminded.

Our Brain Video

2.  Music has it’s own form of “dual representation” in the form of musical notation.  I understand that this skill is unique to humans.  But is it a skill we develop?  When should we really begin to stimulate it’s development?  When I started teaching I thought it was so important to teach my first graders how to read musical notation proficiently and SOON.  I spent many days trying to pound this information into their heads.  Some kids never really got it.  So should I wait to begin to teach this information till later on?  There were many things in math I never really understood for the first few years that they were presented to me.  Take multiplication for instance.  I could recite my facts tables and even did quite well in math all through school but I didn’t really grasp what multiplication was until the end of fourth grade.  But I was presented that information at the beginning of 3rd grade.  Did I need those 2 years of having access to the information before I was really able to fully understand it?

3.  Learning requires some emotional investment on the part of the student.  My students MUST feel comfortable around me.  This is a fine line to draw.  After all I must have control in my classroom for everyone to be safe.  I need to make sure my students feel supported in their learning so that they can operate at optimum efficiency.   I especially need to remember this with my tiny little Kindergarten kids at the beginning of the year.  They scare sooooo easily.

Brenda Muench

music educator tech specialist

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  1. Well I think I might just have to buy this book. The brain is a fascinating thing and pretty important for a teacher to have some understanding of, at least partly.

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