12 Brain Rules Chapter 3: Wiring

Rule #3:  Every brain is wired differently.

Lots of really interesting technical information in this chapter.  While I enjoyed reading it I’m still sifting out what parts of it will benefit my teaching.

My Take Aways:

1.  Did you know the information about vowels and the information about consonants are stored in different places in our brains?  And our brains can lose the power to put that information back together again through things like strokes.  Yikes!  Our brain is truly a powerful thing!

2.  There is a lot of interaction between different sections of our brain.  So all that wiring is rally important

3.  Our brain is continually connecting new areas up to one another.  No one’s brain is stagnant!  I think Ian Jukes calls it “plasticity”.  This is truly a wonderful thing – it means we all can be life-long learners!

Brenda Muench

music educator tech specialist

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