Composing Using My Singing Monsters – Part 2

Making the Monsters

Next I brought in some scrapbooking paper, googly eyes, foam stickers and markers. I tried to choose things that would create bold colors because I knew we would be photographing them later, so no colored pencils were allowed. The music class prior to this told the kids to start thinking about what kind monster they would make. What sound would it make? How would it look? I gave the kids a blank paper, a pencil, scissors and a shared glue stick and told them to get busy.  We used 2 1/2 music classes to make our monsters and photograph them. I took one picture with my personal iPad so that I could post them to our school’s Artsonia site(which I still haven’t gotten done yet).

By the way if your school is not using Artsonia you should check it out. It’s a great way to let parents and extended family view the artwork students make. In addition, it can also be a easy way to raise some funds for your school.

Then I gave the kids some homework. I asked them to begin thinking about what kind of sound their monster would make. High or low, fast or slow, vocal or instrumental were just some of the questions I asked them to think about. The next week we started making our recordings. I used the MadPad app to bring the monsters together with their sounds. We found we got the best recordings if the vocalist or instrumentalist was close to the iPad. This meant that sometimes another member of the group had to hold the monster picture during the recording process. I believe it took us 2 music classes to make our recordings.  In all of our recordings classroom noise can be heard in the background. This is annoying but I can not think of a way to get the recordings made in a timely manner without having multiple students recording at the same time in my open room. I seriously considered bringing in large cardboard boxes to serve as mini “studios” to record in but recording the images was problematic in a dark box. If any of my readers have an idea how to address this I would be most interested to hear it. Please leave me a comment below.

Coming Soon: Composing Using My Singing Monsters – Part 3




18 thoughts on “Composing Using My Singing Monsters – Part 2

  1. You could put them in the boxes. To make the boxes lighter you would just cut a hole in the top, and duct tape some Saran Wrap over the hole so no excess sound gets in, and it’s light on the inside of the box. Hope this helps!

  2. If you need help finding their likes to get to 100% click on that monster, on the righthand side there is a ?, click on it and it will say at the top Bio and Likes, click on likes and it will show you what it needs.

  3. Cut a hole in the top of the box and get a lamp, if the lamp has a lamp shade take it off, and put the lamp in the hole, switch the lamp on and you’ve got light. It just depends if you’ve got the money.

  4. This was a really fantastic idea i will see if i can get my music teavher to do it if thats ok with you i know it is your idea.

  5. I only wish we had more out do the box thinkers as teachers growing up, music is a wonderful way to expand a child’s imagination!
    Btw my friend code is 12817869CL. Thanks and keep up the good work! We need more teachers like you!

  6. I am sorry but I am just a child that plays the same game and I woldmlikemto help with the recordings, my teachers do the same thing as this, they take one child at a time out of the room while a teacher helper or an intern watches the other children, and most of the time our teachers do it for reading and quick Q/ A

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