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This year as we celebrated Thanksmas (which is a combination of Thanksgiving and Christmas for those of you without inlaws) a few of the pertenent players in our family were unable to attend.  So what’s a techie girl and her sister-in-law to do??? Make a movie to scold/update said family members of course!  So we brain stormed overall ideas and decided on “add-on story” format.  After a few minutes of composing some poetry together, it became my job to make a list of all the pictures we would need.  Then I showed my niece the list of pictures we needed to complete the story board and put her in charge of the camera for a while.  The family decided to make 2 slightly different versions.  One for my mother-in-law, who was missing because she was sitting with her sister at a hospital waiting for her husband to pull through a major surgery and one for my sister-in-law’s boyfriend who we must have scared off.  So each video called for a slighty different tone. 

We recorded the audio using Audacity and then married it to the pictures we had taken using MovieMaker.  We set a time limit to keep us from getting too perfectionistic.  And then published both videos to Google video.  Here are the end results:

Brenda Muench

music educator tech specialist

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