Am I cut out to blog?

So I’ve embarked on my first adventure with guiding students in blogging. I’ve watched one group of boys walk into my room with a clear vision of exactly what their blog was going to be about. They are able to come in on “Tech Day” and get down to business immediately on most days. They enjoy their blog.

And I’ve watched many other students walk into my room knowing only that they wanted a blog because it sounded exciting. “Being on the internet will make me famous,” they thought. So we sit down and brainstorm things they might be interested in blogging about. Eventually we come to idea and the blogging begins. But inside this group there are a few kids who never really got past just “being famous on the net”. These students are the ones I struggle with. Every time one of their classmates starts something new on their blog they want to do it to.

“That looks cool! Show me how to do it on my blog.,” says my student.

“But honey your blog is about internet gaming not writing your own music.” I respond.

There’s so much to teach them and I only get them for a little while.

Then it hits me…..I blog this way…I’m the little dude that can’t focus. I want my blog to be about everything that I’m interested in. I’m interested in music, education, teaching, technology, geocaching and the list goes on! Can’t I just jput it all up there? Is that wrong? Perhaps that’s why I’m the one who’s most interested in reading my blog! Once I can figure out how to help myself then I can begin to help my students more effectively.

But first I need to decide if this is something that even needs fixing.

Brenda Muench

music educator tech specialist

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  1. Hick@Heart says:

    I’ve thought about this myself. I suppose the answer depends on deciding why you want to blog.

    If you want to blog to attract and retain readers, then most successful bloggers will say to stick to the subject of the blog.

    If you blog as a form of therapy, just put whatever you want, (keeping in mind that your readers know who you are in real life)

    If you blog to share with family and friends then put the things that you would like to share.

    It really just depends on what you are trying to do with your blogging. (In my humble opinion)

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