Brain Rules – Chapter 10

Rule #10: Vision trumps all other senses.

My take aways:

1.  I need to take the time to make some sort of visual for all my important concepts.  I need to show pictures of quarter and eighth notes to my Kindergarten kids as I’m using them in rhythms even if I don’t expect them to be able to readily identify them.

2.  Our brains have to make sense of the visual movies our eyes present.  I noticed this recently while driving an unknown country backroad with my husband.  The road curved around and there was a train overpass at the same spot.  I kept staring at it as we approached but I couldn’t figure out how to navigate as the road and the overpass materials were all the same color.  My eyes hadn’t experienced this before and my brain couldn’t put it together.  As we passed back under on the way home my brain was still trying to piece it together but at least I could now identify what was road.

3.  I need to start taking pictures of our learning activities.  The kids will be able to begin the review process more quickly if they can see a visual representation.  This is also why I enjoyed using last year for our instruments unit.  This program lets the kids attach an audio sentence or 2 to a picture.  My second graders had great fun trying to come up with a new fact that wasn’t already on the thread.

Brenda Muench

music educator tech specialist

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