Conferences – How am I best served?

I went to IMEA Conference this weekend.  The last few years I’ve been rather unexcited about attending this conference which is rather sad.  You see, early in my teaching career I couldn’t wait to go to this conference because I knew I would come back to school with a bag FULL of ideas for my classes.  The longer I taught it seemed the fewer and fewer things I came back with.  Now this makes some sense because to some degree the longer I teach the more I should know about teaching.  But I longed for the days when I came back to school excited to try out something new.

Well this year something new and exciting did happen!  It didn’t happen during a session or in the exhibit hall.  It happened over many suppers and late nights.  I started networking!  As I stated in my previous blog entry I often feel isolated in my school just because I’m the only music teacher in many of my buildings.  I talk with the regular classroom teachers but I missed having someone who came at things from the same angle I do.  Before conference started I had already connected with Carol Broos, who I swear is my techie music teacher twin!  And that’s were the real learning began this year.  Carol and I spent many hours just showing each other cool things on the net.  We sat on the bed in the hotel room with our laptops running for hours!  THIS is what I was missing.  I was learning and I was loving it!

So perhaps this is how learning will best happen for me in the middle of the teaching career – from my network of fellow learners.  I’m looking forward to it!

Brenda Muench

music educator tech specialist

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  1. Carol Broos says:

    Boy you work fast, getting your blog entry in. I will be blogging also about our wonderful connection and learning. Thanks for all your help! See you on the net (and in person at ICE)

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