IMEA 2010: My Brain Is Humming!

Here we go! It’s gonna be random.

Audacity just rocks!

Exhibit A: I was sitting in a session about using a playful approach to teach kindergarten and I was frantically scribbling down all kinds of notes to refer to for later use. I was becoming more and more overwhelmed as I tried to process everything a record notes that I could make sense of later. Then the clouds opened, a ray of light shone on my head, angels sang and I had a thought! I opened Audacity and began recording. Viola! I can now make notes of the things that are visual that won’t be caught in my audio recording. Now I didn’t do this for every presentation I attended but for this one it was so valuable!

Exhibit B: Matthew D Thilbeault from the University of Illinois shows us how he is using the “spectrum view” in Audacity as a ready made listening map. I’ve always used the waveform view to record and edit. I never saw much value in the using spectrum view. But Matthew showed us the spectrum view for a heavy metal song and the things I HEARD after I SAW this view were amazing!!! If I had a middle school or high school general music class I would definitely be using this in class tomorrow. I teach elementary and I’m going to have to think about it but I’m still going to find a way to use this in my room.

Plurk is a life saver. I used Plurk to keep all my notes to the sessions neat and organized and easy to find!

Google Me by Carol Broos

Using Blogs in Band by Kyle Freesen

Simple and Inexpensive Tech for Music Educators

The General Music Classroom Goes Digital

Playful Approach to Teaching Preschool and Kindergarten Music

We attempted our first Tweetup this year. It’s a good idea. There are about 10 people in my own PLN that are music teachers in Illinois but the execution of the Tweetup needs refining for next year. I like the idea of having it during the Opening Gala in the Exhibit Hall but next year we need to make ourselves more findable. Perhaps a set of balloons to get above everyone’s heads will help? Those of you who tried to find us and couldn’t please offer any suggestions you might have.

Brenda Muench

music educator tech specialist

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