Inspired 5th Graders

This neat little composing/lyric writing group has been forming out of my 5th grade chorus.  It all started when Alex and Dillon wrote this crazy little ditty about a headless carnivore (that’s right you heard it) to the tune of “I Believe I Can Fly”.  Then one of the other 5th graders Nate learned how to play the tune on the piano.  So I threw it out there for the guys, “Hey wouldn’t it be great if you could write lyrics for the whole song and Nate could play and we could record it?”  Of course the immediate response was “Yes let’s do it!”  So Nate came and played and I copied the music for the other 2 boys.  After getting the music the boys began to feel overwhelmed.  So we put out a call for extra help during chorus and our group grew by a few girls.

Today their classroom teachers let some of them out of class for  few minutes to come down and work together.  Boy we got a LOT accomplished!  One whole verse is written out.  As we were getting ready to go I heard “Hey we could do this with another song too.”  “Yeah and if we got a few more we could record a whole CD!”

Whew!  That’s great!  Seeing kids so very excited is what makes teaching great.  I really do hope they get a whole CD recorded.  I’ll even burn it for you guys.  You can do it!

Brenda Muench

music educator tech specialist

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