iTouch: Help Me Get More Organized!


I have recently received a most fabulous gift. An iTouch!! Today I’m going to start with some of the apps have made it into permanent rotation on my device after a month of using it. Today’s area of focus is………

Life Management

Pocket Money Lite – This is the app I settled on to keep track of my checking account. A few months before I got my iTouch I also opened my first debit card. (I know, I know, I’m late to this game.  I don’t text either. More on that in another entry) It was so frustrating to me to have to write down in my checkbook register all those withdrawals via my debit card. Why did I have to record something with a pen and paper that was happening digitally? Even more frustrating for me is that my rural bank, which has been very good to me, does not have internet banking.  ARG! Add to this that I recently started looking for a replacement for my beloved Microsoft Money and you’ve got one frustrated techie! Enter my iTouch and Pocket Money Lite and I am again one peaceful techie. My techie transactions are now completely techie!

CardStar – I have to be honest about this one. I love the concept but I haven’t yet had a business that could get the barcode to scan off my iTouch. I’m keeping CardStar because even if the barcode doesn’t scan the numbers off the code can still be typed in by the clerk. This means that I still don’t have to carry around all those pesky membership cards and that is HUGE!

WordPress –I can blog from my iTouch!! Need I say more? And this will motivate me to get better at typing with my thumbs. 🙂

Grocery Gadget ($4.99) I loved my grocery list. Just ask the hubs! This app means that I know how much I’m going to spend before I even get to the check out and I can budget more easily. The process to add things to the list is really easy and it’s customizable. Shopping is easy as each item gets moved down to the bottom of the list after I mark it off. I do wish there was a way to mark items that I have coupons for though. Right now I’m making notes on each individual item but I have to go back and erase the notes each week as I clear the list.

CalenGoo ($6.99) I LOOOOOOVE my Google Calendar! Now I finally have access to it when I’m not online and it syncs when I get back to area with wifi. Oh and I can still keep all my other calendars too.  I can see mine, Mom’s, Carol’s, and IW’s. All these in its full color coded glory. Have I mentioned I love being color coded? I do!!

Next time: iTouch: Help Me Stay Connected!

Brenda Muench

music educator tech specialist

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  1. September 29, 2009

    […] Lite – I can split the check 4 ways and figure out tip. Then have the amount go straight into Pocket Money (my checkbook program). I have only used this a few times but I really like the […]

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