iPod Touch: Help Me Stay Connected!

I have recently received a most fabulous gift. An iPod Touch!! Today I’m going to continue this series with some of the apps have made it into permanent rotation on my device after a month of using it. Today’s area of focus is………

Social Networking

Tweet Deck – I used this program already on my laptop to help me get my twitter account into a more manageable beast. I have found so many people that I can learn from on Twitter but the amount of tweets that would appear between each of my log ons was more than I could ever look at and still have a life. Also I was missing important tweets from my music educator buds.  Tweet Deck has fixed that for me.  I have organized the people I follow into groups: teachers, music teachers, local friends, and everyone else.  I read the music teachers column every day and I scan the teachers group daily. If I have time I can scan the rest of my columns or I can just mark them all as seen and go on with my day.

Plurk – Plurk is much like Twitter for me but the conversations are deeper as the community is smaller. The threaded conversations also make it much easier to keep track of who commented on what topic.

Facebook – The Facebook app is paired down from the regular site but everything I need is here.  I can check my mail, see who’s left something on my wall and chat. Plus using this version keeps me from wasting hours on the actual site.

Bump – I’ll be honest about this one. I haven’t actually used it yet. But the idea intrigues me.  So I’ve got it set up and ready to go. I’ll let you know cool it is once I get to a tech conference where more people are likely to have it on their iPhone.

Textfree Lite – This is my answer to all my friends who like to text me. I know it’s hard to believe that a techie girl like me wouldn’t have a text plan but it’s something I’ve never really had much use for in life. I’m finding however that all my buds who have teenage kids are really attached to texting and sometimes they text me even though I don’t have any text plan on my phone. So I thought this app might fix my problem.  There are some limitations though. I can only send 15 texts each day but I can receive an unlimited number of texts. But here’s the real kicker: People who want to text me can only reply to my texts for there to be no charge to my phone account. That’s a pain. I’ve considered buying the paid version but so far haven’t taken the leap.

Brenda Muench

music educator tech specialist

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