Little Tikes Digital Camera


Here’s the good news – This digital camera was cheap!  It cost me only $25 on clearence at Radio Shack.  The neck strap has a break away piece to keep the camera from choking kids.  It does take pictures as you can see above but that’s about all I can find to say that’s nice.

Here’s the bad news –

  1. Horrible picture quality…..See above.  Very blurry and these were the best ones I could capture.
  2. Batteries – First of all it takes FOUR AAA!!!!  Poorly made battery compartment that is hard to get to because of the angle of the screws.  And what’s with the screw on battery compartment on kid’s stuff?  What a pain!  Batteries wouldn’t even make contact to power up the camera.  My husband had to do some “surgery” on the camera so it would function.
  3. Long wait time between button press and picture being captured during which you must remain completely still.  Seriously, I had to really concentrate to hold still long enough to get even a mediocre picture.  Kids?  Forget it!
  4. Spring loaded door over the USB input on the camera gets in the way of the USB cord being completely pushed into the hole, which means your computer won’t recognize that it’s plugged in.

My recommendation:  If you want a durable kid type digital camera get something else.

Brenda Muench

music educator tech specialist

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