Making the Switch

Since I began teaching waaaaaay back in 1996 I have always used the ta, titi rhythm system. I have noticed a few short comings in it over the years. Students often mislabeled eighth notes with 2 quarter note syllables and there was not a clear understanding of how the beat could be subdivided.

So I did a little research the past few months. I have been looking over Gordon’s system and the Takadimi system.  This coming school year I will be changing over to the Takadimi system. I like that the beat is represented by “ta” no matter what the actual rhythm values are. There is a great opportunity to talk with the kids about how we feel the beats inside a rhythm.


New syllables meant I got to get creative with my posters. Since the names are not consistent I decided to add the syllables using a piece of balsa wood and a set of adhesive magnets. Now the names are move-able! I created the posters using various apps on my iPad and bought the frames at The Dollar Tree. A few pieces of 3M picture hanging velcro and the wall was finished!

Brenda Muench

music educator tech specialist

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