Opera for the Young – Reflections in the Beginning

This year Sugar Creek Opera gave a grant to schools in Iroquois County to have Opera for the Young perform The Elixir of Love. A quartet of adults will come perform a mini opera for our students and 16 of our students will get to be part of the opera chorus.


Upon looking over the materials sent to me, I was very overwhelmed. The expectations for the music teacher are:

  • teach all students the words to the 4 group songs
  • select 16 student to be in the chorus that sings the 4 songs with the cast and interacts with the cast for some small lines
  • select 2 students to say lines in the opera
  • prep students with knowledge of the opera and it’s story line

They sent all kinds of other extra stuff. Honestly, I wondered HOW I was going to do all this while also starting the prep for the 3rd grade states concert.

Things that helped:

  • a 3rd grade teacher offered to take on having each class create stuff to decorate the hallways with
  • some teachers made their own activities to cover different aspects of the opera like setting and characters
  • learning just 1 song a week
  • knowing that an adult would be singing all the words with them

Brenda Muench

music educator tech specialist

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