Paperless Caching Part 2

My Palm IIIc came in the mail today.  Ebay is a wonderful place!  For a mere $40 I am now the proud owner of a really outdated PDA package that will work wonderfully for geocaching.  As a result a spent a few minutes on the net figuring out exactly how to make my new PDA work for geocaching.  I went directly to one of my favorite sites called Geocacher University written by a geocacher called CYBret.  Bret has put together a page on paperless caching that took me through the whole process with no problems. 

So I’m now ready for my next caching adventure!  I’m taking a trip to Pontiac on Friday so that I’ll be out of the cleaning ladies’ way.  (By the way “thanks” to the cleaning ladies!!!)  Then I’m going to Indiana on Saturday with my sister-in-law for a last round of caching before the school year begins.  The trip to Indiana will mean a new red  state on my geocaching map!  I’m looking forward to the challenge and the exercise!

Brenda Muench

music educator tech specialist

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