Paperless Caching

One of my newest interests is geocaching.  I started this summer and go whenever I can organize myself to leave the house for a trip.  Currently there aren’t very many caches in my area so a trip usually means going at least 30 miles away.  Before I can leave I need to print out maps and a sheet for each cache I plan on searching for.  I also need to transfer each of the cache waypoints from my computer to my GPS unit.  It’s a feat of great organization, which I’m sure is part of why I like it.  But it’s also time consuming and wastes huge amounts of paper! 

So I’ve been doing some research on about paperless caching.  Previously I figured I would have to spend $100 or more to get a PDA to make this work.  But yesterday I read that an old Palm IIIc works great for this and they are available on ebay for  under $50.  I will feel a lot more comfortable taking a cheap PDA into the woods with me than I would taking a $300 PDA.  So this sounds like a good option.  I got on ebay last night and after some research I ordered a unit.  While I’m waiting for the unit to arrive in the mail I’m going to keep looking into the steps to get the information from my laptop to the PDA.  I’m so excited about not having to print out all those sheets!

Brenda Muench

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