Really these are for schools?

I’ve been looking for a UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) for my new district purchased laptop.  I’d like to look into purchasing a class set for one of the buildings in our district but I’m a firm believer of trying something out on a small scale first.  So I thought I’d use one myself.  Since I travel between 5 different buildings I knew my shoulder would certainly appreciate the difference in weight.  So I started looking.

I began with Dell since they had just released their Mini 9.  I have 2 other Dells and have been very happy with them.  But the one criteria given to me by my district was that the computer must run at least Vista Business Edition so that it could easily connect to our network.  But on the Mini 9 only Vista Home was available!  So I called Dell to see if they might be willing to sell me a Mini 9 with Business installed.  The answer was, “No mamam that’s not possible”.  Really?  Because we’re looking into buying a lot of these things???  Nope!

Next I looked at Asus EEE.  Same problem.  Now really!  All the ads I’ve seen are pitching these things to SCHOOLS!  Is my district the only one that needs something besides the Home version of the Windows OS to get into the network?  If we are then I need to talk to my tech guy.  If we aren’t then why can’t I find a company who’s offering a UMPC that’s compatible with my network?  Come on guys!  I wanted one of these and no one’s willing to step up and make it work for me!

Brenda Muench

music educator tech specialist

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