Square Dancing – A New Team Work

And so it begins……My 3rd graders have started their yearly unit on square dancing.  It’s so interesting to watch these kids progress.   They all start out just being mortified that they have to touch each other.  Some years I can get them to move into the traditional boy/girl sets and some years it just isn’t worth the arguments.  But even if we never get into opposite sex sets we still learn how to keep a beat, think ahead, work as a team, problem solve, and listen to directions.

Last year I even had enough time left over before the concert that we selected a current country song and wrote out and performed our own version of a modern square dance.  Pulling our new dance together felt a lot composing a song and many of the kids commented on that.  We may get to that level again this year with one of the sections of 3rd grade.  It was so amazing to step back and watch the kids build that square dance last year.  They made a routine that was FAR more difficult than anything I would have asked them to do.  I even ended up have to “call it” because the kids who called it during class wanted to dance only with out calling.  Oh and did I mention these were boys!  Boys asking to square dance!  Now that’s progress toward team work!

Brenda Muench

music educator tech specialist

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