Techie Twins Across the State

We Finally Meet!Last year at IMEA conference I went to a session on podcasting that was taught by Carol Broos.  I remember feeling excited because I had seen all the pieces to putting a podcast together in only an hour.  I did have a few fears because Carol presented everything from a Mac user perspective and my district is PC only.  But I did come back and do some research and with the help of our tech guy, Scott Oyer, I posted my first podcast with a class.  It was very easy.  I was so excited that I emailed Carol all about it.  Being a true teacher at heart, Carol responded to my email with excitement that matched my own. 

From that first interaction I never would have guessed that a new  friendship would be formed.  Carol and I have emailed back and forth for over a year now.  So this year we decided to meet at IMEA Conference.  Carol was recieving the Mary Hoffman Award.  So she invited me to be one of her “peeps” and sit with her fellow teachers for the presentation.  I had a most fabulous time.  It was so nice to see a fellow General Music teacher honored for her efforts.  Congrats Carol!  Teach on girl!  Those kids need people like us too!

Brenda Muench

music educator tech specialist

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