Time for Summer Piano Lessons

Summer is a time when all my piano kids just want to have fun. I’d also like to make use of all the extra free time they have to push them a little harder. So I’m trying out an incentive program this summer called “Muench Moola”. I’ve made my money.

Muench moola

And here are the ways my students can earn some Moola:

How to Earn Muench Moolas

1 moola

  • For SHARING one fact about your composer (limited to 1 per lesson)
  • For LISTENING to a classical music selection via radio, TV, iPod, CD, etc, and verified by filling out a simple note signed by parent.
  • For PLAYING an Original Piece (not written) with a title.
  • For NAMING flats or sharps in order
  • For LEARNING a one-octave scale in one key using correct fingering.
  • For every 10 minutes of PRACTICE over 100 minutes each week.

5 moolas

  • For each PRACTICE week recorded on the bmuench.musicteachershelper.com that totals 100 minutes
  • For presenting a private home CONCERT of 5 learned pieces for family/friends. Student must list each piece played, date & time of Concert, and audience members present (with initials from each).

10 moolas

  • For COMPOSING an Original Piece written out on staff paper

with correct rhythm, dynamics, and a Title.

  • For BEATING your teacher in a music game.
  • For MEMORIZING a piece and playing it artistically.
    • For any “out of studio/home”: PERFORMANCE before a public audience (church, school, club, etc.) Student must record the title of selection, where played, and date, and the initials of 3 persons who heard the performance.

20 moolas

  • For ATTENDING a professional music concert (church, school, or Community). A program, ticket stub, or note must be signed by Parent or other verifying adult.

50 moolas

  • For ATTENDING a professional Classical music concert performance (Symphony, Choir, Chamber Ensemble, etc.) A program/ticket stub must be signed by parent or other verifying adult.

ADDITIONAL BUCKS may be given by the teacher for exceptional work.

Ways to Spend Your Muench Moolas

20 moolas: Various Items/ Regular size Candy Bars

250 moolas: $5.00 Gift Card

500 moolas: $10.00 Gift Card

I’m also using a card system that I read about in my lovely Google Reader on Laura Lowe’s blog, The Piano Studio.
Here are the piano cards I choose to make. I’m hoping that using these cards will help motivate my students to be more accountable to all facets of their piano playing.

Brenda Muench

music educator tech specialist

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  1. Laura says:

    Hi, Brenda! Glad you found the mystery card idea helpful! Good luck with your summer teaching – looks like a lot of fun!
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..Short Feet, Piano Casters, and Pedaling Difficulties =-.

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