Time to get moving!

I’ve been to visit my techie twin’s (Carol Broos) new blog/website on her new host today.  She’s made the switch over to Blue Host and is now the proud owner of everything she posts.  I met Carol at a IL MEA State conference in 2006.  She was presenting a session on how to get started podcasting and wanted to know more.  She was so excited about using this new technology with her students!  At the end of her presentation she mentioned that if we got home and actually started to podcast, she’d love to know about it.  Well, I took her seriously.  I got home and promptly pestered my tech guy until we figured out how to get my first podcast posted…….and then quickly shot off an email to Carol.

Little did I know that this would be the beginning of a wonderful friendship!  Because of Carol, I’ve started blogging, joined the DEN, became a DEN Star Educator and began presenting!  She’s been a friend who inspires me to keep striving.  We’ve got this great centrifugal force that keeps us slinging one another forward.  I got on Twitter first and helped her out.  She introduced me to her Chicago area PLN (personal learning network).  We both sat down and talked with Steve Dembo (who rocks my world by the way) about his experience in hosting his own blog.  Steve was so helpful.  He opened up the hosting side of his site right there as we were talking.  It was exactly what I needed!   Sometimes I just need to see what I’m getting myself into before I feel the confidence to try.  I took the plunge first and encouraged Carol to give it a try.  Now she’s made the switch and there’s so much great information on her site!

As I look at her site tonight I see on her page what I need to get busy setting up on my own.  I just added my presentation page.  I need to get my resume up here and I need to post my delicious links.  It also reminds me that I need to talk to somebody about setting up my sitefeed with FeedBurner.  So much to do!

Brenda Muench

music educator tech specialist

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  1. Carol Broos says:

    YOU are the one that inspires me to move and create. I love your new site, plus I see you just hit 60 Karma on plurk! This is exciting times in the world of music and technology, it is so much fun to experience it with a music technology leader!

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