Trying new things part 2

On Thursday I’ll be doing my first live  streamed show on the internet.  We’ll be streaming our annual Family Reading Night for the first time ever.  I’ve been trying to decide if I should use my Mogulus or my Ustream account.

Here what I’ve learned so far:

Ustream is more basic and so a little easier to use.   Ustream doesn’t seem to bog my computer down either.  Mogulus has all kinds of cool features like being able to use multiple cameras, run a tickertape across the bottom of the screen, and live mixing.  But it really slows my school computer down to a craaaaawwwwwlllll.  So while I think it would be so much fun to play with all those features in Mogulus, for the sake of my own sanity I’ll be using Ustream on Thursday.  Come and watch if you wish!

Here’s the Ustream link:

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