When small ideas blossom

At the beginning of the school year I thought it might be kind of fun to start a little positive feedback in our school building. So one day while I was at the local dollar store I saw this:It’s about 3 inches tall.  I loved that it was bright orange! So I added some directions to the backside of it. Wrote a note to a teacher in my building that was doing something extraordinary and put it on her desk. Now the directions I wrote on the cone state that she was to pass the cone on to someone else and give them a compliment as well. What I envisioned was my little cone traveling all over the building during the course of the year with a note for one person underneath it.

OH BOY did I ever think too small on this one! A few months later I’ve gotten it back (no one except the first person even knows I started it) and here is what my little cone looks like now:

Apparently everyone has just been adding their note of praise to the cone as it goes around! And I really laughed at our educator ingenuity with the arrow that points to the note that is for you! At this point the circle of notes covers up about half my desk. It was such a hoot to read the other notes as well! Plus seeing it sitting on my desk really made me smile. Just look at all that praise! Love it!

Brenda Muench

music educator tech specialist

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  1. Carol Broos says:

    What a wonderful positive idea!!

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