White Board Challenge 2


In this challenge about cloning I decided to keep it simple.  I often need a “bank” of notes to pull from for rhythm activities.  Since my 1st graders are just learning quarter and eighth notes it seemed like a perfect opportunity to use this.

I created a file with 4 bars in a horizontal row to serve as place holders or “beat bars”.  Under that I placed one of each of the notes set to infinitely clone.  We started at the board dragging four notes up to the bars and then saying them.  The next day I let the kids have some “sandbox” time with the file where they could pull up their own rhythms.  Then today I had them make their favorite rhythm and we saved the file under their name in the Music folder.  Tomorrow we’ll pull these up on the board and see if we can say them all as a class.  I’m also thinking that this might make a good Activity on VoiceThread but I’m not sure I can devote another part of a day to it.

Brenda Muench

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